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Protecting your company’s data and IT infrastructure from hardware failure, data corruption, and other disasters can no longer be an afterthought for senior management. Today, most companies cannot hope to survive with their business and reputation intact if their mission critical applications go down for more than a few hours, sometimes minutes. 


Companies that lose their own data, or even worse, their customer’s data, can face long disruptions to key business functions and lawsuits. Senior management has to work with the IT Department and the Business Continuity team to develop a credible disaster recovery plan if they hope to stay in business for the long term.


Our Strengths

Pantropic is a specialist in data protection and disaster recovery planning. We help companies protect their critical business data, and help them keep their applications up and running. We guide our customers through consultation, environment analysis, solutions brainstorming, implementation, product training and support. 


Since 1999, we've assisted numerous MNC's and SME's in Southeast Asia with enterprise solutions and managed services. We can offer customized solutions that include 24x7 support, lease financing, hosting, hardware, hot sites, bandwidth management, behind the firewall enterprise deployments, or automated managed services with monthly subscriptions. Let us tailor a solution for you.




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