When your onsite RTO/RPO has to be as close to zero as possible, building a hardware and network environment that is fault tolerant is critical. It’s not just about minimizing single points of failure in a system, it’s about getting redundant components of the system to run in lock-step so in case of failure, the work load is instantly shifted with zero down time.

Stratus everRun

Stratus everRun (formerly Marathon) is the pioneer in software based fault tolerance for x86 industry standard servers.

everRun’s software based solution links two servers together via a virtualization platform that pairs protected virtual machines to create a single operating environment. The entire application environment, including data in memory, is replicated by everRun, ensuring applications continue to run without interruption or data loss.

If one physical machine or hardware component should fail, the application continues to run on the other physical machine or component without any interruptions or data loss.