Arcserve Replication

REAL TIME PROTECTION. Arcserve Replication software is used to address a number of IT and Business needs. It provides continuous data protection for Windows, Linux and UNIX environments on both physical and virtual servers. You get real-time data replication (between your Production server and Replica server) whether on-premise, off-premise or in the Cloud, to complement any periodic backup or Snapshot solution. It includes 128-bit SSL encryption across the network without the need for VPN or an IPSEC tunnel for added security.

Its data rewind feature enables fast and easy data recovery after accidental or malicious loss and damage so organizations can recover data and databases faster and easier between periodic backups, and meet more demanding recovery point objectives. ARCserve Replication is also used to quickly and easily copy backups offsite for disaster recovery, eliminating the risk, cost and complexity of physical media transport. Use it to migrate from old servers to new servers and from physical servers to virtual servers.

Arcserve leading High Availability solution is built on top of Replication by adding service monitoring and automated failover and push-button failback capabilities.

Arcserve High Availability

AUTOMATIC FAILOVER. One of the most advanced and mature high availability solutions available is Arcserve High Availability, part of the Arcserve UDP suite.

Arcserve High Availability ensures uninterrupted access to all types of file and application servers, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Databases, IIS, and Blackberry servers with onsite, offsite and cloud deployment options complementing whatever backup solution you use. Applications running on Windows, AIX, Linux, Solaris, on physical or virtual servers can all be protected. The software can automatically do a P2V conversion so your Replica can be a virtual machine.

Arcserve High Availability is application aware for the most common applications, monitoring the application service itself. You can define simple or complex trigger rules that determine when a failover happens, and you can control how the failover happens, individually or in groups. Creating reverse scenarios and doing a failback is also a breeze with this product.

Testing of the Replica server couldn’t be easier with the use of the Assured Recovery feature. This allows you to temporarily suspend replication and move new data to a buffer. In the meantime, you mount and test the Replica server. After you’re finished, all changes on the Replica are erased, and replication recommences.

Gold Partner – 2019
Platinum Partner – 2018
Partner of the Year – 2016

Pantropic was the original Singapore distributor of this product (f.k.a. XOsoft) in 2006. In the many years since then we have deployed and supported numerous complex implementations around the region. Our knowledge and experience in this product is very deep. If you have an important an important infrastructure to protect, and you want it done right the first time, give us a call.

Carbonite Availability

Carbonite Availability (formerly Double-Take) keeps critical business systems available and prevents data loss on Windows and Linux servers.

The continuous replication technology maintains an up-to-date copy of your operating environment without taxing the primary system or network bandwidth. With this high availability solutions, you get push-button failover, near-zero downtime, virtually no data loss.

Features include reporting tool to view and report the status of your high-availability environment, support for Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) and Java 8, expanded platform support to include Resilient File System (ReFS), Windows Server 2016, and additional platform support of Linux distributions such as Ubuntu 16.04.03, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12.03, and the Oracle Unbreakable Kernel.