Even if you are required to use tapes for offsite backup, don’t you wish there was a more convenient and reliable means to recover the backed up data than recalling tapes from a storage service every time a user’s file is accidentally deleted.

This is where ATEGO Local Only comes in. We can use the advanced agentless architecture of the ATEGO system to backup and store your data onsite in your premises at an extremely reasonable price.

ATEGO Local Only employs our disk-based backup solution which allows you to perform a fully-automated and scheduled backup of your critical data from servers, desktops, and laptops. This can save you considerable time and effort when you need to restore lost data.

You can keep one copy or multiple generation of files and databases backed up to direct attached storage (DAS) or network attached storage (NAS). Your backups and restores can all run at LAN speed since they are local to your environment.

The software to be used is licensed on a monthly basis so your upfront cost is minimal. If you don’t need offsite backup, you should call us immediately to discuss how we can make your life easier with Local Only backup.