Enterprise backup within your own private network

We understand that some organizations are restricted by policies that don’t allow them to store data on the public cloud. For these customers we have a hybrid solution that is private, but also allows you to subscribe to a service rather than buying software.

The ATEGO Private-Hybrid license plan lets you install the entire backup platform within your own WAN, thereby offering you the maximum level of control and security over your backup data. You can automatically backup data from Remote Offices and Branch Offices (ROBO) and send it across your wide area network to a centralized data center. You can backup data from your Head Office and send it to your Disaster Recovery site for safe storage. You can even do cross backup and backup your Singapore data to K.L. and K.L. data to Singapore for example.

Although you own and operate your own backup hardware, you don’t have to buy our backup software. You can simply subscribe to our backup service (at a lower price than our public cloud service). In this model, you’re still eligible for software upgrades and our technical support. Send us message now for more information.