ATEGO Normal Restore

Customers who backup their data with us have a number of options on how to restore their data should they need to.

Local restoration is an option for subscribers who keep a copy of the backed up data on the ATEGO DS-Client server sitting in their office. That means you can recover your data at LAN speed from the backup sitting locally.

Remote restoration lets ATEGO subscribers recover their encrypted data over the Internet using a self-service wizard to help them locate and select the files they want to restore from our backup infrastructure. Portable disk restoration lets you recover your data to a portable hard drive, at rest in encrypted format.  We can than physically transport it to your office or DR site where your ATEGO DS-Client can decrypt it.

ATEGO Rapid Restore

Many of our customers don’t have a designated Disaster Recovery site, and so if their production environment becomes unavailable, they need a place where they can restore their application servers and data.

In this situation, if your backup data is already hosted on our infrastructure, it makes sense to recover your data in our datacentre.  The big advantage is that your data can be recovered at LAN speed and it doesn’t have to be transported or sent over the Internet.

We can have standby virtual machines that you subscribe to on a shared “first-come-first-served” basis. This keeps your DR cost as low as possible.  Alternatively, you can have dedicated provisioned virtual machines with us already pre-loaded with the applications and configuration that you need.  When a disaster happens we can pump the data directly from our storage servers at LAN speed to your virtual servers.

When you use Rapid Restore you have the advantage of quick recovery and the cost savings of a shared DR infrastructure.  If you rather not share your DR infrastructure, we can host your dedicated boxes.  See our section on DR Hosting Services.


DR Hosting