“Give me a simple way to back up my data that won’t bust my IT budget”.

We heard you, so we created ATEGO® Standard, a low-cost, cloud-based backup service hosted in Singapore. By reducing the complexity and cost of our premium ATEGO® Enterprise service without sacrificing security, we are able to offer customers an affordable option for offsite backup. With ATEGO® Standard, protecting your data has never been so simple.

ATEGO® Standard runs on a seamless hybrid cloud backup technology provided by a leading European vendor of multi-tenant online backup software. The core technology is currently used by small and large managed service providers to back up thousands of users and petabytes of data.

How it Works

We’ll help you install the Backup Manager software agent on the servers and desktops you want to protect. During the installation, you enter your own private encryption key. decide when you want your backup jobs to run , then select what you want to back up. Your data will be compressed, encrypted, and securely stored offsite at our certified Tier 3 data centers in Singapore. With the Local Backup feature, you can also specify an on premise location such as a local disk, USB, or NAS appliance to store copies of your backup. With copies of your backup stored both onsite and offsite, you have speed and security from a single solution.

Simplified Management

ATEGO® Standard isn’t just easy on your budget, it also makes life easier for your IT staff by simplifying the management and monitoring of your backups. Along with the available email alerts, you can use the Control Centre to view the status all of your backups from a single dashboard. With the Storage Platform Console, you can even remotely manage the backup of your servers in different locations.

Solution Benefits:

  • Protects your critical File Servers and databases

  • Keep two offsite backups and an optional onsite copy

  • Reduces the burden of managing your backups

  • Frees you from tapes and tape collection services

  • No hardware to purchase

  • Greater speed and control as compared to overseas services

Technical Features:

  • Secures your Windows desktops and servers with your own AES-256 private encryption key

  • Hosted in two certified Tier 3 data centers in Singapore

  • Stored on hard disks with RAID5 protection

  • Efficient block level incremental backup with compression and encryption technology

  • Able to back up Mac