What is Backup & Restore (BUR)?

BUR is the first step in a data protection strategy. In practice, it means keeping multiple backup copies of your critical data – onsite copies for quick restoration in normal times, and offsite encrypted copies in case of disaster.

BUR used to mean making a tape backup. Now, there are multiple service options, platforms, and security features to consider.

Enterprise software

Enterprise Software

DR installed in your own infrastructure where you retain full control. We help you design, deploy, and support.

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Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

DRaaS and Cloud Backup are now offered by many software vendors. Each has its own pros and cons. Let us help you sort it out.

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Managed services

Managed Services

We host your DR servers, monitor your backups, provide a written SLA, and assist you when you need to recover your data.

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What is Data Protection?

Protecting your data from compromise, corruption, and loss is the objective of data protection.

Modern Backup & Restore solutions have evolved to offer data protection well beyond what traditional tape backup can do. Modern solutions can now scan backups for malware to avoid ‘attack-loops’. Companies can combat data sprawl by centralizing backups and increasing visibility of where data is hiding. Data governance can be improved with legal-hold, remote wipe, and certified destruction features.

What is Data Sprawl?

Data sprawl refers to the ever increasing amount of data being created, and its growing tendency to be distributed inside and outside the organization’s network perimeter.

The popularity of BYOD, mobile users, and cloud solutions has made the management of data sprawl one of the biggest challenges facing CIOs and CTOs today. Your data protection solution can help you manage data sprawl. Let us show you how.

What is Data Governance?

Data governance refers to the ability to maintain the quality, availability, usability, and security of data. This can be for business operations reasons or driven by the need for regulatory compliance.

A good data protection solution can help companies comply with data governance regulations. Features such as legal-hold, searchable backups, and remote wipe can be key to demonstrating your ability to govern your data. Contact us to discuss the solution that suits your organization.

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