Acronis Backup

FLEXIBLE SOFTWARE BASED SOLUTION. Acronis Backup is the world’s easiest and fastest backup solution that supports 21 different platforms – from Windows to Oracle.

Protects everything on your Windows servers. With just a few simple steps, you can back up to on-premises storage and the Acronis Cloud and recover individual files, application data, or a complete system in seconds. And, with Active Protection, you can protect your server from ransomware with a technology that actively detects, blocks, and reverses suspicious changes to data, backup files, and backup agents.

Back up a single ESX(i) host, virtual machine, or cluster to hybrid storage and protect your entire vSphere environment with Acronis Backup.

Add the Acronis Cloud Storage option and you have a powerful hybrid cloud backup solution! Enjoy safe, secure, and scalable offsite backup for any data or any system — anytime, anywhere.

Acronis is also available as a cloud service.

Arcserve UDP

UNIFIED DATA PROTECTION. Arcserve UDP is a next-generation unified architecture data protection solution that lets you protect both physical and virtual environments. You can perform AES encrypted backups daily or as frequently as every 15 minutes and store the backups onsite and offsite.

Arcserve UDP is capable of true global source-side de-duplication at the block level. This enables impressive bandwidth and storage efficiency, which is especially important when you want to keep multiple restore points or retain snapshots for months or years. You also have the option to migrate disk images to tape for long term archiving while retaining the capacity to perform granular restores.

Arcserve UDP supports agentless backup of VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines, as well as agent-based backup of Windows and Linux physical servers. Its unified management console lets you manage multiple machines and sites. Contact us for a demonstration of how UDP can simplify your data protection tasks.

Gold Partner – 2019
Platinum Partner – 2018
Partner of the Year – 2016

Pantropic has long history and deep experience deploying and supporting Arcserve solutions.

Arcserve also has a leading Replication and High Availability solution for applications that need very quick recovery and short RPOs.

Application Availability


PRIVATE CLOUD BACKUP. If you want to use an award winning software used by hundreds of service providers around the world to backup petabytes of data, then Asigra Cloud Backup should be at the top of your list. Asigra is a highly reliable software platform for protecting large amounts of structured and structured data. It’s trusted by some of the largest cloud backup service providers to efficiently protect and restore critical data.

Asigra is the pioneer in agentless backup. That means no software agent needs to be installed on your production servers being backed up. Asigra can store multiple generations of your data both onsite and offsite. It can even replicate your data to a third site if you require.

As the original Master Reseller of Asigra in the regions, we’ve deployed the solution in multiple environments including public and private clouds. Call us in to demonstrate the software and show you how easy it is to configure and manage.

ATEGO Enterprise – Powered by Asigra
In 2009 we became one of the first managed service providers in Singapore to offer cloud based online backup. ATEGO Enterprise is still our flagship gold standard service for customers who cannot have any data loss.

Learn more about ATEGO Enterprise and how it works.

Commvault Complete

COMPLETETM BACKUP & RECOVERY. As the name suggests, Commvault has a robust solution that encompasses quite a wide range of features and deployment options. You can store protected data on tape and disk, including integrated de-duplication and encryption support, and enterprise tape management. Data can be backed up to cloud storage providers with native cloud integration, and Commvault can provide a complete view of your backup and recovery infrastructure.

Commvault supports backup of servers, NAS, virtual, and cloud workloads. It also supports backing up from the snapshots of a number of popular storage arrays without any upsell for this integration.

One of the more unique features of Commvault is its ability to archive old data by replacing it with a stub on the production server. In a single pass during the backup process, data that meets customer defined rules can be archived to lower cost storage or the cloud. This saves space on your production servers or NAS and can speed up other processes.

DRUVA inSync

DRUVA inSync. Protecting endpoints and SaaS applications is what Druva inSync does best. It’s a high performance backup solution that takes time-indexed snapshots with granular controls and scheduling. The IT department or end-users can restore files or the entire machine in the event of data loss or a successful ransomware intrusion.

InSync features integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) via remote wipe and geo-location of laptops and smart devices. Data compliance monitoring, federated search, and legal hold management are also supported. Patented global de-duplication and enterprise grade encryption help make inSync a favourite with medium and large enterprises.

Druva InSync is the only backup solution to have achieved Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) accreditation under the Accreditation@SGD scheme. This places the InSync solution in a preferred position to contend for Singapore Government and large enterprise contracts.


THE PIONEER OF SNAPSHOTS. ShadowProtect from StorageCraft is a leading disk sector snapshot solution whose technology is used by IT professionals and OEM backup software suppliers around the world.

ShadowProtect SPX Server software creates sector-level backup images of your server disk drives in both Windows and Linux virtual and physical environments. A sector-level backup image is a point-in-time representation of your disk drive and therefore includes not just data but also the operating system, applications, services, and configuration settings.

ShadowXafe is the next generation data protection solution that brings a comprehensive, SLA-driven management for the complete data protection lifecycle. ShadowXafe delivers powerful recovery and work-flow optimized for management simplicity. Flexible recovery provides data recovery to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments (v2v, p2p, v2p & p2v).


THE VIRTUAL MACHINE SPECIALIST. Veeam is world famous for their protection of virtual machines and more recently physical servers as well. VM’s can be quickly backed up onsite and then replicated offsite. Recovery of VM’s can be under 15 minutes for all applications and data.

Veeam Cloud Connect extends backup and replication to the cloud. You can now send your backups and replicas to the cloud. You can even copy your files from Azure VM’s to your own on-premise servers.

For a cost effective means of protecting virtual machines, Veeam should be on your evaluation list.