ATEGO® Enterprise

OUR FLAGSHIP MANAGED SERVICE. Started in 2009, ATEGO Enterprise is a premium online backup service where we monitor your backups daily. This enterprise class service is based in Singapore, built on an N+1 architecture, and replicated across two secure commercial datacentres. Whether you’re an SME or MNC you can rely on ATEGO Enterprise to protect your data, and be available for restoration when you need it.

The service is agentless and is based on an award winning software platform used throughout the world to back up petabytes of data. Best of all, your data is always encrypted in transit and at rest in our storage infrastructure using a FIPS certified AES256 cryptographic module with your own private encryption key that you enter.

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ATEGO® Standard

THE AFFORDABLE AND EFFECTIVE OPTION. Want a simple way to back up your data to the Cloud that’s easy on your budget? ATEGO Standard was created just for you. With a less complex backend infrastructure than our premium ATEGO Enterprise service, Standard drives down the cost without sacrificing security and convenience.

The service uses a backup agent installed on the target machine. Your data is still encrypted with your own private key. It is sent to the same datacentre as Enterprise, then mirrored once a day to a second Tier 3 datacentre. If saving money on your online backup sounds good to you, click here for more information.

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ATEGO® Private-Hybrid

YOUR PRIVATE CLOUD BACKUP. Want all the features of our flagship service ATEGO Enterprise, but hosted in your private cloud instead of the public cloud? Then, ATEGO Private-Hybrid is for you. We can help you architect, install, maintain, and optionally monitor your private cloud deployment of ATEGO Enterprise. You can provide your own hardware and hosting, or we can provide this for you and roll it into a convenient monthly fee. Private-Hybrid is the option for those who want the convenience of outsourcing while maintaining the security of a private infrastructure.

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ATEGO® Local Only

FAST AND AFFORDABLE RECOVERY. ATEGO Local Only uses the same award winning agentless technology as our flagship ATEGO Enterprise, only keeping the backup data onsite rather than offsite. When budget is a constraint, or security concerns prevent you from moving data outside of your Production environment,

Local Only is an easy way to protect your data and allow LAN speed recovery in case of accidental deletion or corruption.

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ATEGO® Rapid Restore

YOUR DR WARM SITE. If you are already backing up your data using ATEGO, then you need to consider where you plan to recover your data to in case of a production site failure. ATEGO Rapid Restore is a service that lets you reserve standby or dedicated virtual machines in our datacentre for data recovery purposes. This allows you to restore your data from our storage at LAN speed.

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Become a Reseller

ARE YOU AN IT SERVICE PROVIDER? If you think your customers would benefit from our ATEGO® services, then why not become a reseller? You have the peace of mind that you’re recommending a proven technology and reliable service, while your customer has the peace of mind that we’re monitoring their backup. Contact us to discuss how we can work together to bring ATEGO to your customers.

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