Why Sell ATEGO Cloud Backup?

In the information age, business needs are complex and it is difficult for business-to-business (B2B) companies to meet all the needs of their clients. Increasingly, strategic partnerships are becoming critical to developing long term client relationships; adding value to take care of your clients’ needs.

Backup and storage are critical issues for most businesses. Data security and availability, regulatory compliances and storage management are constantly evolving challenges.

By becoming an ATEGO Partner, your company can pull away from the competition and develop a new source of recurring revenue and profit by allowing your clients to have access to Enterprise-level data backup and recovery solutions.

Evolution of Data Protection

The data backup market has changed dramatically in just a few years.  Legacy, tape-based storage systems have long been plagued by human error, lengthy backups, and unreliable restores. In recent years, data backup strategies are moving towards disk-to disk (D2D) based backups which enable far shorter backup windows, more rapid data recovery along with more sophisticated backup and recovery technologies unavailable with tapes.

ATEGO is the right technology at the right time to address the necessity of automated data protection and recovery, more importantly, strategic partnership are becoming critical to developing long term client relationships.

Using ATEGO, your clients will benefit from an extremely robust backup solution that is scalable for Small Businesses to Enterprises with small / large and specific backup requirements or complex network systems.

Benefits the ATEGO Partnership program:

  • Your clients benefit from having a secure off-site backup strategy

  • Recurring revenue model for as long as customer remains subscribed

  • Peace of mind (virtually no management)

  • Strengthen client relationships

  • Hotline tech support. No need to provide technical support on your side.

  • Easy payment and generous commission scheme

  • Supports all types of O/S and applications

  • Proven award winning technology

  • Only basic technical knowledge required. We provide full free 8×5 support for yourselves and your clients

  • Free to join*

For more information about how the Reseller Program works, and how you can become an ATEGO Cloud Backup Reseller, please fill in our web enquiry form below and send it to us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.