Datto SIRIS is an intuitive and powerful cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution combining verified backups, infinite cloud retention, quick restore options, instant virtualization as well as ransomware protection.

Datto minimizes the risk of business interruption and data loss that can result from hardware failure, software corruption, human error, and ransomware by using a powerful appliance, the Datto Cloud, and innovative features such as Instant Virtualization and highly efficient Inverse Chain backups.

How it Works

Every piece of the SIRIS stack is designed to work together to provide enterprise level protection for your data. From the backup agent, to the on-premise appliance, to the Datto Cloud, SIRIS provides a seamless restore and disaster recovery solution that works locally or in the Datto Cloud.

Solution Benefits:

  • Free disaster recovery standby servers in the Datto Cloud are included with your Datto SIRIS subscription.

  • Infinite retention means you can keep your backups in the cloud forever and with advance backup verification you are assured that your data is intact and scanned for ransomware.

  • The onsite SIRIS appliance can provide quick recovery of data independant of the Cloud.

  • Instant Virtualization – A copy of a backed up server can be quickly spun up on the SIRIS appliance or in the Datto Cloud if necessary.