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Finding out about Disaster Recovery the hard way isn't ideal. Even minor data losses can spell long hours for your IT team and serious headaches for senior management.


With years of experience helping companies plan for disasters, our knowledge in DR is unparalleled. Now, we're eager to share our expertise with SMEs like you. 


Our consulting services are approachable and budget-friendly. The initial consultation is on us (and the coffee, too!) – it's a chance to understand your unique situation and explore potential next steps.

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As experts in disaster recovery and data protection since 1999, Pantropic partners with enterprises across Southeast Asia to ensure business continuity when crises strike. Our specialized knowledge empowers companies to back up critical data, restore lost information, and keep mission-critical applications running, even in adverse conditions. By providing consultation, planning, testing, implementation, and ongoing support, we guide customers to build robust disaster recovery capabilities tailored to their unique needs.


Our unwavering commitment is to be there when customers need us most. Telco seeks to be the trusted advisor that Southeast Asian enterprises rely on to safeguard their operations with leading disaster recovery solutions deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

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