Pantropic Newsletter #19

Posted July 5, 2023

by Sarah



Pantropic Newsletter #19 (April 2023)

7 Things Your Ransomware Response Playbook Is Likely Missing


It turns out that many organizations are ill-equipped to handle these attacks effectively, with many response playbooks lacking critical components. The seven missing elements outlined in the report offer organizations the opportunity to improve their defenses against ransomware attacks and protect themselves against the increasing threat of cybercrime.

(Source: Dark Reading)


How can organizations bridge the gap between DR and cybersecurity?


The importance of integrating cybersecurity teams for better cybersecurity posture just can’t be stressed enough. The article highlights how IT and security teams must collaborate and coordinate to ensure that cybersecurity incidents are handled effectively and efficiently, ultimately heightening an organization’s cyber threat protection.

(Source: Help Net Security)


Cisco and VMware Release Security Updates to Patch Critical Flaws in their Products


Cisco and VMware have released security patches for a vulnerability affecting their products, which could allow attackers to execute malicious code remotely. The vulnerability was quite severe and could be exploited by attackers without user interaction. Security updates must be applied as soon as possible to protect business systems.

(Source: The Hacker News)


90% Of Organizations’ Critical Assets Are at Risk of Security Exposure From a Few Attack Paths


A recent study conducted by Forescout reveals that nearly 90% of an organization’s critical assets are exposed to security risks through just a few security flaws that can be exploited. This shows that implementing robust security measures is crucial to protect critical assets and reduce the likelihood of a successful cyber attack. The study also underscores the need to regularly assess security posture and stay vigilant against evolving threats in the cyber landscape.

(Source: CPO Magazine)


Think Before You Share the Link: SaaS in the Real World


Before you share that link, think twice. These apps can potentially access data from other applications linked to the same account, which can be exploited by cybercriminals to steal sensitive information. The report highlights the need for businesses to carefully consider the apps they integrate with and monitor access permissions to mitigate potential security risks.

(Source: Hacker News)


Suite of Disaster Recovery Managed Services

Introducing our Flagship Managed Service – ATEGO®  Enterprise, a premium online backup service where we monitor your backups daily. The service is agentless and is based on an award winning software platform used throughout the world to back up petabytes of data.

Whether you’re an SME or MNC, you can rely on ATEGO Enterprise to protect your data, and be available for restoration when you need it.

Want to know how ATEGO®  Enterprise can help to protect your data within your organization? Reach out to us now !


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