Pantropic Newsletter #21

Posted July 5, 2023

by Sarah



Pantropic Newsletter #21 (June 2023)

Microsoft says early June service outages were triggered by cyber attacks


Microsoft has verified that hackers were responsible for the service outages that occurred in early June. The IT giant is actively looking into security flaws even if specifics on the attackers and the nature of the attacks are still unknown. These incidents underscore the importance of strengthening defenses against future cyber threats.

(Source: The Straits Times)


Norton Parent Says Employee Data Stolen in MOVEit Ransomware Attack


In a recent ransomware attack targeting its MoveIT file transfer system, the parent company of Norton antivirus software, Symantec, has confirmed a breach resulting in stolen employee data. This incident shows the alarming increase in ransomware attacks and the immediate need for effective cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data. Actions must be taken promptly to rectify the issue and safeguard the privacy of individuals.

(Source: Security Week)


Firmware Backdoor Discovered in Gigabyte Motherboards, Hundreds of Models Affected


Gigabyte motherboards have been determined to have a significant security issue in hundreds of different models. A firmware backdoor that may allow unwanted access and control over impacted systems has been found by researchers. This flaw raises questions about the security of gadgets utilizing Gigabyte motherboards, necessitating immediate action to address the issue and protect users’ privacy and data.

(Source: CPO Magazine)


Alert: Hackers Exploit Barracuda Email Security Gateway 0-Day Flaw for 7 Months


A warning has been issued regarding hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in Barracuda email systems. These security flaws are being used by cybercriminals to obtain unauthorized access or even compromise sensitive data. Barracuda email system users are urged to urgently apply the required security patches and updates to stop any intrusions and safeguard their communication channels.

(Source: The Hacker News)


ATEGO Enterprise – Fights Advanced Ransomware


Traditional 3-2-1 backups, even those with air-gapped and immutable storage, are vulnerable to delayed detonation malware that hide dormant in your backups. ATEGO Enterprise, powered by Asigra Tigris, employs a six-layer security stack, incorporating bi-directional scanning and CDR, to effectively combat advanced ransomware.


Backup and Data Security Solutions


Premium white-glove online backup service that offers comprehensive monitoring of your data backups on a daily basis and ensures the availability of data restoration whenever needed. This service is powered by an award-winning agentless backup technology, instilling confidence in organizations that rely on its seamless ability to back up petabytes of data.


Leading desktop and laptop backup solution providing automated and continuous data backup protection with unlimited capacity backup licensing and flexible deployment options. Ensures fast and complete backup and recovery anytime, anywhere.


A next-generation endpoint protection platform using AI and machine learning to effectively stop breaches including true NGAV, endpoint detection and response (EDR), threat intelligence management and automation.


World’s largest security awareness training platform with simulated phishing attacks, educating and empowering employees to strengthen IT security against cybercriminals.


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