Pantropic Newsletter #25

Posted December 28, 2023

by Sarah

Pantropic Newsletter #25 (October 2023)

VMware patches critical vulnerability in vCenter Server (CVE-2023-34048)


VMware patched two significant vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-34048 and CVE-2023-34056) in vCenter Server, enabling remote code execution and unauthorized data access for non-administrative users. Users are strongly advised to update to the patched versions due to the severity of these issues. Various patches are available for different product versions, emphasizing the need for prompt updates and proactive security measures.

(Source: HelpNet Security)


Cisco Zero-Day Exploited to Implant Malicious Lua Backdoor on Thousands of Devices


Cisco disclosed an actively exploited zero-day flaw (CVE-2023-20273) in IOS XE, allowing unauthorized access and control over devices. The company will release a fix starting October 22, 2023, advising users to disable the HTTP server feature until then. Software updates have been released to address these vulnerabilities, underscoring the need for users to patch the affected versions.

(Source: The Hacker News)


Malvertisers Using Google Ads to Target Users Searching for Popular Software


A malvertising campaign exploits Google Ads to lure users searching for popular software to fake landing pages, distributing malware. Through sophisticated techniques, fake ads redirect to imitation sites to determine systems and deliver specific, evasive payloads, posing an evolving threat. Misusing Punycode, threat actors impersonate legitimate sites, endangering users’ security through visually misleading tactics.

(Source: The Hacker News)


Hackers Abusing Skype and Teams to Deliver the DarkGate Malware


Hackers used Microsoft Teams and Skype to spread DarkGate malware, deceiving users with disguised attachments. DarkGate, a Windows-based malware, grants remote access and conducts malicious actions. Employing legitimate applications like AutoIt, it poses a significant threat. Controlling instant messaging apps, enforcing regulations, and implementing multifactor authentication are advised to combat such attacks.

(Source: Cybersecurity News)


Backup and Data Security Solutions


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