Pantropic Newsletter #30

Posted April 10, 2024

by Sarah


Pantropic Newsletter #30 (March 2024)

Fortinet Warns of Yet Another Critical RCE Flaw


Fortinet has sounded the alarms once again after discovering and promptly patching a perilous remote code execution vulnerability in its FortiClient Enterprise Management Server. Designated CVE-2024-48788, the critical flaw could allow nefarious, unauthenticated attackers to execute arbitrary malicious code with system administrator privileges on vulnerable systems simply by crafting specialized requests. Consequently, Fortinet urgently advises organizations to quickly upgrade affected versions to the newly patched release due to the flaw’s alarmingly high severity rating of 9.8 out of 10.

(Source: Dark Reading)


Microsoft Reveals Cause of Widespread Windows Server Issue


In a concerning development, Microsoft has acknowledged the presence of a critical memory leak vulnerability within its March 2024 Windows Server security updates. This flaw has triggered widespread domain controller crashes across various Windows Server versions from 2012 R2 through the latest 2022 release. Reportedly, the underlying culprit is an issue with the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) process, which has inexplicably caused affected servers to unexpectedly freeze and restart repeatedly. However, Microsoft has assured users that a remedy is actively being developed and will be available in the coming days.

(Source: Techradar)


IT Helpdesk Workers Increasingly Targeted by Cybercriminals


In an alarming trend researchers are calling the most noteworthy of the past year, cybercriminals have increasingly set their sights on an unlikely target: IT helpdesk workers. Through scheming phishing tactics, these threat actors are duping helpdesk staff into unwittingly resetting passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication overrides, and granting the attackers access to organizational accounts. As this campaign escalates, security experts urgently recommend implementing stringent identity verification measures to strengthen helpdesk interactions and thwart these increasingly prevalent attacks.

(Source: The Register)


Singapore Sting: How Russia Listened In on German General


Russia allegedly carried out a spying operation by intercepting and leaking an audio recording of a highly sensitive conversation between senior German Air Force officers. The illicit eavesdropping reportedly occurred during a late-night call at a Singapore hotel, capturing the officials candidly discussing sensitive military matters. However, German authorities attribute this security breach to human error, asserting that one of the participants carelessly dialed in over an insecure line, enabling Russian intelligence to listen in without being detected.

(Source: Yahoo! Singapore)


Sacramento Law Firm Targets Lantech and Acronis in $1M Lawsuit Over Ransomware Attack


In a high-stakes legal battle, the Sacramento-based Mastagni Holstedt law firm has launched a $1 million lawsuit against cybersecurity firms Lantech and Acronis. This drastic action comes after the firm fell victim to a crippling ransomware attack perpetrated by the Black Basta hacking group. Despite contracting Lantech’s services, the firm alleges that unresolved connectivity issues and the deletion of cloud backups under Acronis’s management culminated in a devastating outage, loss of critical data, and ultimately a coerced ransom payment. It underscores the grave risks businesses face and the potential legal repercussions of cybersecurity failures as this formidable case unfolds.

(Source: BNN)


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