Pantropic Newsletter #31

Posted April 30, 2024

by Sarah


Pantropic Newsletter #31 (April 2024)

Singapore Leads in Cybersecurity, But Challenges Remain


Singapore still leads the pack in cybersecurity, with most businesses adhering to national security standards. However, a sizable portion of businesses continue to face cyberattacks. This highlights the necessity of raising awareness and giving security investments top priority, especially for smaller organizations. Although the government offers solutions, delivering education through familiar channels, like banks or credit cards, might be more effective.

(Source: Dark Reading)


Microsoft Fixes Leaked Employee Password Server


Microsoft fixed a security flaw in which a server with internal data and employee credentials was left exposed. Within a month after the server was found, researchers notified Microsoft, which immediately took steps to secure it. It’s yet unclear how massive possible data breaches could be. This event raises questions about Microsoft’s current software security makeover in light of previous complaints of the company’s security procedures.

(Source: The Verge)


Microsoft Exchange Online Limits Bulk Emails to Fight Spam


In an effort to fight spam, Microsoft will start restricting the daily recipients of emails on Exchange Online in January 2025. This new 2,000 external recipient cap is intended to penalize those who abuse the platform by sending out mass emails. If your organization sends a lot of external emails and surpasses this limit, Microsoft will recommend you to look into Azure Communication Services. This modification is also in line with current anti-spam initiatives from Google and Yahoo.

(Source: Techradar)


Hackers Bypass Google’s 2FA, Target Gmail and YouTube Accounts


Hackers figured out a way to bypass Google’s two-factor authentication (2FA) for Gmail and YouTube. They’re now stealing “session cookies” to bypass security and target people with XRP cryptocurrency scams. To avert these attacks, Google suggests users to exercise caution and make use of security tools such as passkeys and Security Checkup.

(Source: Forbes)


Microsoft Teams Meeting Recordings Moving to Organizer’s OneDrive


Microsoft Teams meeting recordings will be saved to the meeting organizer’s OneDrive by default. The rollout of this feature is slated to begin in mid-May 2024 and be completed by late August. This complies with organizer regulations and simplifies the maintenance of recordings. For unique and special cases, IT administrators have a temporary policy option, but it expires after three months.

(Source: Petri)


Backup and Data Security Solutions


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