Pantropic Online Pte Ltd (“Pantropic”) is a Singapore based I.T. company specializing in data protection and disaster recovery. Pantropic also owns and operates the ATEGO® suite of online backup and recovery managed services. This policy describes how we manage the personal data we hold in compliance with the regulations in the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) of Singapore.

Personal Data We Collect

Personal Data we may collect, use, and hold include but are not limited to your:

  • name, date of birth, and sex;
  • nationality, NRIC number / FIN number / passport number;
  • bank account details;
  • work telephone and mobile phone number;
  • work and personal email address;
  • previous employment record;
  • marital status and number of children (employees only);
  • residential and office address;
  • photograph(s), video image, and CCTV footage;
  • information related to how you use our website(s), including cookies, IP addresses, data on website page views, and traffic.

Personal Data Collection

The ways in which we may collect your personal data include, but are not limited to, your direct or indirect interaction with us personally or digitally during the course of:

  • when you use our online forms to inquire about the services we offer;
  • when you purchase services or products (software/hardware) from us;
  • when you ask us to propose I.T. related solutions and services to you or your company;
  • when you call our hotline to interact with our support or customer service personnel;
  • when we receive a request to contact you;
  • when you sign up for our mailing list;
  • when you enter or respond to our contests or promotions;
  • when you submit a job application to our company;
  • when you enter agreements or sign contracts with us (e.g. Teaming Agreement, Reseller Agreement, etc.);
  • when your contact details are forwarded to us as references from clients, partners and third parties;
  • when you visit our website(s), or connect with us via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter;
  • when you use our product and services;
  • when you visit our office(s);
  • when you provide your personal data to us at tradeshows, sales meetings, consultations, site visits, conferences, or other marketing events;
  • when you provide your personal data for other reasons not specified herein.

Purposes for Which We Collect and Use Personal Data

In general, we may collect, use, and hold your personal data:

  • to conduct due diligence and background checks that are mandated by legislation or Pantropic’s internal policies and practices;
  • to provide products and services and to communicate with customers as part of providing those products and services;
  • to allow us to propose I.T. related solutions and services to you and your company;
  • to respond to queries or comments on Pantropic’s products and services;
  • to allow for the provision of support services by Pantropic, its vendors, service providers, partners, and distributors, for products and services sold by Pantropic;
  • to keep customers updated on Pantropic’s operational status, maintenance schedule, holiday schedule, product updates, promotions, marketing activities, and other business matters of Pantropic;
  • to keep vendors/service providers /partners updated on changes to Pantropic’s sales and marketing activities, and policies;
  • to evaluate and to improve Pantropic’s products and services, and those of its vendors, service providers, and partners;
  • to allow security clearance and access into Pantropic’s office(s) and datacenter(s);
  • to facilitate attendance at events and functions organized by Pantropic or Pantropic’s partners, vendor’s, resellers, or distributors;
  • to evaluate applications and perform due diligence background checks for employment, internships, temporary employment, service contracts, and other job positions with Pantropic;
  • to communicate with individuals who participate in competitions/promotions organized by Pantropic;
  • for purposes that are ancillary to or in furtherance of the above purposes e.g. ancillary to or in furtherance of facilitating attendance at events/functions organized by Pantropic or that Pantropic is involved in, we will use your Personal Data to communicate with you concerning the invitation to the events/functions and inform you of updates on the events/functions and to seek your feedback or comments on your attendance of the events/functions.

We only collect and use Personal Data for abovementioned purposes which you have consented to and for which we have been authorized. If we need to use your Personal Data for any purpose which you have not previously consented to, we would seek your consent prior to using your Personal Data for the new purpose.

Disclosure, Sharing and Transfer of Personal Data

Pantropic does not sell or rent Personal Data that we collect from individuals, including our website visitors. In the course of, or in connection with, providing or proposing our products and services to our customers and prospective customers, we may disclose, share and transfer Personal Data to the following parties for the following purposes:

  • to our business partners, vendors, agents, sub-contractors, consultants, resellers, and distributors for the purpose delivering, installing, providing, or supporting Pantropic’s products and services;
  • to our business partners, vendors, agents, sub-contractors, consultants, resellers, and distributors for the purpose of responding to tenders, requests for information, requests for quotes, requests for proposals, and other inquiries related to the provision of Pantropic’s products and services;
  • to service providers who provide IT and outsourcing services such as data storage, electronic mail services, deployment of management operations for information technology, and other outsourcing services;
  • to financial institutions for purposes such as processing of payment;
  • to legal advisors, auditors, accountants, and insurers, for such purposes such as writing contracts, providing accounting services, and providing financial services;
  • to government and non-government authorities, agencies and/or regulators as required under law or under directions or orders from the government and non-government authorities, agencies and/or regulators for security, regulatory approvals or permits.
  • to event organizers and service providers to facilitate the planning of events / functions that Pantropic organizes or is involved in.

Where Personal Data is transferred overseas we will ensure that such transfer is in compliance with the PDPA and this Policy or is permitted under applicable data protection and privacy laws and regulations.

Pantropic requires that the parties, including service providers, to whom we transfer Personal Data implement adequate levels of protection in order to protect Personal Data. We also require that these parties only process Personal Data strictly for purposes for which we engage them, or with other purposes for which consent has been sought and obtained.

In addition, we would disclose Personal Data in the following circumstances:

  • in response to a request from law enforcement authorities or other government officials;
  • to comply with a court order or direction from a government agency or regulatory authority ordering the disclosure of the Personal Data; and
  • where the disclosure is necessary for investigations or legal proceedings.

Protection and Security of Personal Data

Pantropic has appointed a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) who oversees the management of Personal Data, in compliance with the PDPA. We also employ a range of technological, physical, and policy based security measures to protect against the accidental or unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal, and deletion of Personal Data.

Notwithstanding the above security measures, it is not possible for Pantropic to perfectly secure your Personal Data from cyber-attacks, such as hacking, spyware and viruses. As such, you will not hold us liable for any unauthorized disclosure, loss or destruction of your Personal Data arising from such risks.

Retention of Your Personal Data

Pantropic only retains Personal Data for as long as the retention is required for the purposes for which it was collected, the purposes described in this Policy, and for our business and legal purposes. Generally, we do not retain Personal Data for a period of longer than 10 years after the original purposes for which the Personal Data was collected have ceased to be applicable, unless otherwise required by law or other mandatory directions by court or government authorities or for purposes of legal proceedings or other similar proceedings or investigations.

For unsuccessful job applicants, Pantropic will retain your Personal Data for no longer than 1 year for the purposes of evaluating your suitability for future job openings within Pantropic, unless you inform us otherwise.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about this Policy, or if you are a job applicant and wish to inform us that you do not wish for Pantropic to retain your personal data for the purposes of evaluating your suitability for future job openings, you may contact our Data Protection Officer:

Email address:

Mailing address: Data Protection Officer

Pantropic Online Pte Ltd
261 Waterloo Street
#04-27 Waterloo Centre
Singapore 180261

Updating or Correcting Your Personal Data

Pantropic takes reasonable measures to ensure that the Personal Data we collect about individuals are accurate and complete. If there is a change, update, or correction that should be made to your Personal Data held by us, please write to us and provide us with the following details:

  • Your name and an email address or mailing address at which we can contact you by;
  • The nature of our relationship with you;
  • The Personal Data for which there has been a change, update or correction.

You may send your requests to our Data Protection Officer at the contact details listed in above.

We will endeavour to acknowledge the receipt of your request within 3 working days after the date of receipt of your request if it is sent by e-mail, or within 7 days after the date of receipt of your request if it is sent by post. We will contact you if we require supporting documentation to process your request.

Circumstances where we will not update or correct Personal Data include:

  • The Personal Data is opinion data that is kept solely for an evaluative purpose; and
  • The Personal Data is in documents related to a prosecution and all proceedings relating to the prosecution have not been completed.

Your Requests and Feedback on Your Personal Data with Us

To the extent required by the PDPA, you may request from Pantropic information in regards to what Personal Data of yours we have and how we have used and shared your Personal Data during the last one year before the date of your request.

To the extent required by the PDPA, you may choose to withdraw your consent to Pantropic’s use, collection, sharing or processing of your Personal Data at any time. Please understand that your withdrawal of your consent to our use of your Personal Data may affect our provision of products and services to you or our business dealings with you, depending on the nature of your relationship with us.

Kindly, send your request for information or withdrawal of consent to our DPO at the address given above.

Updates to this Personal Data Protection Policy

We may change or update portions of this Policy at any time and without prior notice to you. Please review this Policy from time to time so you are aware of any changes or updates to the notice. We will indicate the effective date of the notice. If you do not agree with any of the changes or updates to the Policy, you have the option of withdrawing your consent to our collection, use, disclosure and processing of your Personal Data.