HOST YOUR DR WITH US. There are numerous advantages to hosting your disaster recovery servers with us, especially if we already hold your backup data. By hosting your recovery servers at the same location as your backups, we can recover your data at LAN speed.

If we are managing your Replica servers, hosting with us also makes sense, as we can split a full rack into the size you require, so you don’t pay for unused space.

Our racks are co-located at commercial datacentres in Singapore (Uptime Institute – Tier III or TIA-942-B – Rated 3). If you would like to see where your servers would be located, we can arrange for a tour.

Standby VM

SHARED RECOVERY SERVERS. If building your own disaster recovery site with your own servers and network equipment seems too expensive, you can consider using standby virtual machines. As part of our ATEGO Rapid Restore service, we maintain a number of VM hosts that our customers can subscribe to at different service levels. These can simply be VM templates at the ready, or fully provisioned VMs in a dormant state.

DR Consulting

DISASTER RECOVERY CONSULTING. One of the reasons why we got our own company ISO22301 certified was so that we could experience the full cycle of planning, building, checking, and maintaining our own business continuity and disaster recovery plan. We even made two of our directors complete the ISO22301 Auditor course.

We’re now in a great position to help our customers prepare their own IT disaster recovery plans. If you’re interested in learning more about process and how we can help you, please give us a call.

Get Expert Advice

Support and Training

WE’RE READY TO HELP. Our customers often tell us it’s our Support Service that stands us apart from the crowd of IT systems integrators. We know you have lots of options when it comes to who you buy your IT equipment and software from. That’s why we always try to go the extra mile to solve our customer’s problems before and after the sale. Our mission is clear, we are disaster recovery specialists, not box-pushers. Put us to the test.

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