When you contact our support engineers via phone, email, or our support portal, your case will be assigned a support ticket number so we can easily track its progress until resolution. Scroll down to see how to contact us for support.

To keep our customers up to date on the latest developments in the DR landscape, and to help them get the most out of their investment in a DR solution, Pantropic runs regular training classes. If you would like to learn more about our MasterClass Series or book private training for your staff, kindly contact your Account Manager or email us. You may also view the video tutorials below.


Pantropic Support Line

If your requirements are urgent, this is the best support channel to use. 8 x 5 support for normal support subscribers. 24 x 7 support is available to premium support subscribers.

+65 6411 0014


Pantropic Support Email

If your request is less urgent, this is a suitable support channel. We will reply to your email within four hours during normal working hours on normal working days.



Pantropic Support Request Form

For your convenience, you may also enter a non-urgent support request using the web form on this page.


Enhanced Support Channels

Pantropic Support Portal

You may enter an online support case via our Support Portal. Using the portal makes it easier to track your support case and the steps taken towards resolution.


Pantropic Quick Support

If you have contacted Support, and arranged for Pantropic’s technical support staff to remotely access your I.T. environment, then click on the ATEGO Quick Support link here to run the TeamViewer software. Once it is running, contact our support staff and inform them of the Remote Control User ID and password.